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Find your favourite Eaglemont Village Traders on Rediscover Local

Find your favourite Eaglemont Village Traders on Rediscover Local

A Banyule Business initiative to support local small business.

Banyule Council’s COVID-19 Response – Community and Business Support Package 2020-2021 was passed at the Council Meeting on Monday 6 April. Included in this package was a program to help boost the local economy by encouraging residents to shop locally for their goods and services.

In the Council Meeting on Monday 6 July, Council passed the COVID-19 Response Package 2020-2021 shop local six-month initiative, branded as Rediscover Local.

A 2020 Shopping Behaviour Survey was distributed to residents to understand current shopping behaviour and attitudes and understand what would encourage them to shop locally more often.

507 residents completed the survey. From the results three key directions were identified:

  • Residents wanted a central Banyule business directory so they could find small businesses in their neighbourhood easily
  • While consumers liked the idea that shopping locally supported local businesses and jobs, they identified that offers would help them shop locally more often and trial new businesses.
  • Residents wanted more variety in product and service offerings in Banyule.

From the insights, the Rediscover Local campaign was developed and includes:

  • Rediscover Local Directory (interactive business directory)
  • Little book of Banyule offers (monthly offers to consumers and businesses)
  • Social media pages (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Competitions
  • Spotlight videos to shine a light on small businesses

While the support offered through this campaign will benefit all businesses in Banyule, there will be a focus on neighbourhood centres and business parks who do not already benefit from of Council’s Special Rates and Charges Program.

The campaign was launched on Monday 17 August 2020 and will be monitored and periodically reported to determine the impact the campaign has had on residents’ attitudes towards shopping locally and subsequent shopping behaviour.

Rediscover Local

SPOONVILLE in Eaglemont Village

SPOONVILLE in Eaglemont Village

We’re not yet sure who instigated Spoonville in Eaglemont Village, but we’re so pleased they did. Locals have embraced it and the cheery little Spoony community grows day by day. This international movement is a great free vehicle for drawing local families in during their daily walk, something crafty for kids to do and making people smile in general.

We’ve decided to run with the Spoonville idea and create new themes every month. September is Spoony Footy Theme. Sure, it won’t be AFL finals time in our COVID world, but Spoonville will be holding their big match in the planter box at #76 FoodSmiths!

It should be a load of fun. Follow @eaglemontvillage on instagram and facebook for more information.

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We’re all about business!

We’re all about business!

Check out new Banyule Business video featuring our very own Eaglemont Dish, Eaglemont Cellars and Wine Bar, Eaglemont Fruit Supply and Eaglemont Meats!




Faces of Eaglemont Village – Ian BBQ man

Faces of Eaglemont Village – Ian BBQ man

Faces of Eaglemont Village – Ian BBQ flipper
Saturday’s in the village wouldn’t be the same without Eaglemont Meats charity BBQ.
Let me share a testimonial from expert sausage flipper Ian also a local resident:

‘Recently I was looking at a photograph of the first Eaglemont Traders Fair , the photo depicted my wife, mother, and my nephew then aged 3 he is now 41. Eaglemont village is a step back in time a place that conjures visions of a bygone era. The locals are protective of it and visitors are enthralled by the buildings and customer service.
I have been connected to the village when I bought my house at 17, my age is slightly more these days. We as a family have attended every Traders festival. I have been associated with the Saturday sausage sizzle outside the butchers shop for ever.

The sausage sizzle performs a great community bonding as well as raising money for our selected charity. It brings people to the village enables conversations as well as introductions , a Saturday
ritual over generations. This humble happening typifies the village, we gather we talk we decide we support both each other and the village. ‘

Thank you Ian. See you at the BBQ !