Sunday august 11th

Heritage Day 2024!

Heritage Day 2024 is here! Mark your calendar for your favourite annual event, Sunday August 11th! You can book your Red Rattler tickets here! 

Silverdale Rd, Eaglemont

Eaglemont Village Vibes

The Eaglemont Shopping Village is home to a variety of cafes, fresh produce and renowned services. Bring your shopping bag when you come for a coffee!

Need to buy a gift for an upcoming birthday or a special occasion with a loved one? Eaglemont Village is full of treasures for you to give to your family and friends.

Need an afternoon away from the office? Bring your friends and family to Eaglemont Village for amazing fresh produce, great coffee and unprecedented wine.

It's your village

Historical Retail Village in Eaglemont

Take a stroll down Silverdale Rd and see first-hand the diversity of retail outlets and the exciting new additions to Eaglemont Shopping Village. One visit and you’re certain to come back. Visit Eaglemont Shopping Village today, it’s your village.

Eaglemont Village

Old Fashioned Service

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July 14, 2024