Got sore feet?

Are you experiencing tender and sore feet? One of the most common causes of heel pain or discomfort in the arch of the foot on the first few steps in the morning is Planter fasciopathy also commonly known as Planter fascitis.

How can @healthandbalanceosteo help your pain?⁠

– Their Osteopaths can rule out other potential conditions and give you a proper diagnosis. ⁠
– They understand the mechanics of the joints of the feet, the demands placed on the tissue of the planter fascia and the surrounding muscles.⁠
– Osteopaths are trained to identify the underlying biomechanical problems that must be addressed to resolve the issue.⁠
– In an osteo treatment, they will use manual therapy techniques to improve the movement of the joints and tone of the muscles that are contributing to planter fascia problems⁠
– They will advise you on appropriate exercises or stretches to manage the symptoms and assist tissue healing. ⁠
– They can advise you what to look for in footwear to help manage the condition.⁠

So make an appointment today and get back to enjoying those leisurely walks on the beach soon!



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July 14, 2024