Eaglemont Artisans’ Hub

Eaglemont Artisans’ Hub
Eaglemont Artisans’ Hub

Eaglemont Artisans’ Hub

Eaglemont Artisans’ Hub is the newest trader on Silverdale road!

A creative space where community and artists meet, share, learn and inspire. 
We want to welcome you into a space away from the crowds. A space that will capture your imagination. A space that is filled with beautiful art and artisanal wares that have been created with love.

We want our space to wrap itself around you. Imagine you are in a small village and you stumble on our shop. It’s here where you will find that special gift.

We have all changed over the past months. Our values have altered.  It is our hope that you will find something here for friend or family that reflects more than an object. All our work is the act of creativity of another human being. It hasn’t been manufactured.  It started as an idea in their head and that idea turned into an object of unique beauty to be shared.

We open our doors to you to explore what we have displayed.  There will be no pressure. Ask questions about the artisans and artists.  We will be more than happy to give you an insight into their practice.  Go home and think about what you have seen. This is not about rushing and shopping. It’s about making a purchase which is special.

We look forward to meeting you in our beautiful space.

Carol, Katinka, Dianne & Melinda

67 Silverdale Road, Eaglemont 3084


For further information please visit us at 67 Silverdale Road, Eaglemont 3084.

Contact: eaglemontartisanshub@gmail.com
Instagram: @eaglemontartisanshub